Designer / Coder

This position is a full-time opportunity.

We’re looking for designers with strong experience in UI/UX and front end development. Designers who thrive at Online Designs see no boundary between form and function. They are highly strategic, detail-oriented, and multi-skilled, bringing a deep understanding across visual design, user experience, user interface design, branding and even coding.

Creating digital products requires intense collaboration — internally, and with our clients. Our focus is on the end-user, conducting multiple rounds of testing to validate our concepts. One big difference? There’s no middle management here. You’ll also work closely with Managers, Strategists, and Developers to create original digital products and services that reignite industries and reshape companies.


- 2-3 years commercial experience
- Experience working with a team of creative thinkers
- Hands-on experience with HTML/CSS
- Eagerness to stay on top of the latest digital design trends
- Excellent communication skills, a detail-oriented mentality, strong problem-solving skills
- Strong Adobe Suite experience
- Solid technical awareness
- Familiarity with Content Management systems

Pay will be commensurate with the successful applicants experience and capabilities.

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