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As of 22/09/2022 we have changed email service providers and therefore your settings will need to be changed also.

If you have your emails with us, you should simply just need to change your settings to the below.

If you use or would like to use webmail for your emails, just go to webmail.(your domain name here), for example webmail.ilovekiwipies.co.nz, and log in with your normal email and password. Or click the webmail link at the top or our site.

Email Setup

Server Type IMAP
Incoming Mail Server mail.(your domain name here) example: mail.ilovekiwipies.co.nz
Outgoing Mail Server mail.(your domain name here) example: mail.ilovekiwipies.co.nz
Username Your email address
Password The one we provided you
Incoming Port 993 (requires SSL turned on)
Outgoing Port 587 (Requires TLS authentication.)

Access your Webmail

This is particularly useful if you are away from home or work.

To check your email via our website simply click the webMail link at the top of our website and enter your username and password.

If you check mail in this way, the mail will still be there for you to download the next time you check it using your usual email program, unless you delete it of course! 

Email not getting through to Gmail addresses?

Gmail now requires email senders to be authenticated by an SPF record, or risk being marked as spam. Here’s how to make sure your mail gets through.

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